Faith in Faith

Photographs of religious symbols, religious celebrations and believers in Italy.

As an atheist growing up in a Catholic country and living in Turkey with strong Islamic traditions at that time, I was compelled to explore religious societies around the world.

I am questioning the central place of religion in people’s lives.

Fait is supposed to be a positive force in the world and yet more than ever all societies are beeing manipulated by it. Luczakowska_20080927__MG_6022Luczakowska_20080927__MG_6046Luczakowska_20080927__MG_6047Luczakowska_20080928__MG_6214Luczakowska_20080928__MG_6321Luczakowska_20080928__MG_6393bLuczakowska_20080928__MG_6397bLuczakowska_20081001__MG_6989Luczakowska_20081001__MG_7002bLuczakowska_20081001__MG_7060bLuczakowska_20081002__MG_7180b

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